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Strong Productivity

1. Mold Development - The development workshop for handle and box molds has 7 CNC machine tools and 15 engineers to control the details and maintain the molds.

2. Machining Operation - Equipped with 68 CNC machine tools to produce high-quality S2 and CR-V materials.

3. Ratchet Workshop - We have a large number of patents, develop our own molds, equip our own workshop with ratchet assembly lines, and have extensive experience in brand and large supermarket orders. We will ensure high-quality ratchet torque and high product lifespan.

4. Assembly Workshop - Our assembly and hot pressing workshop is equipped with LED screens to display real-time monitoring of the current packaging on the production line and the completed quantity.

5. Heat Treatment Workshop - The heat treatment workshop adopts isothermal nitrate quenching.

5. Injection Workshop - Equipped with fully automatic screwdriver handle production line, automated production line, box automated production line, ratchet handle fully automatic production line, fully automatic production is more rapid and accurate.
Zhejiang Sanding Tool Co., Ltd.
Our Strengths

Our goal is to provide customized solutions for the market and customers.

Reliable Supply

The company has sufficient production capacity and high control over raw material prices, quality, and stable supply, laying the foundation for sustained production.

Quality Priority

The company strictly implements procedures such as screening and auditing raw material suppliers, conducting incoming material testing, and comparing incoming materials; Strictly monitor the quality of each batch of products according to the supplier's specifications.

High Performance-Price Ratio

The company reduces production costs by strictly controlling procurement costs and implementing efficient production control; A professional R&D team and technical service team can continuously provide new products with higher cost-effectiveness.

Intimate Service

The company has always adhered to seamless and seamless service, and has carefully built an after-sales service team composed of technical backbone, striving to make after-sales service faster and more considerate.

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